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The Charlestown Resident Alliance (CRA) is a non-profit community organization, formed by a public housing volunteer tenant group to represent all residents of Bunker Hill Development.


Our mission is to advocate for fair, equal, healthy, and affordable housing opportunities in our community. It is our duty to serve as liaison between residents, the Boston Housing Authority and other stakeholders that impact on our community.

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Financial Advisors

Real Estate Advisors (Recap) and the Affordable Housing Institute (AHI) provide more than 40 years of experience in finance, restructuring, and asset management of multifamily residential properties in the United States, as well as international strategy, policy, and ecosystem analysis for the delivery of affordable housing.


Legal Advisors

Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS) has more than 100 years of history providing free legal assistance to low-income families. GBLS is committed to represent, advise, and assist tenants of "expiring use" properties during negotiations related to redevelopment.

Boston Housing Authority



The Boston Housing Authority is the largest landlord in Boston and the largest public housing authority in New England. As such, the BHA houses approximately 10 percent of the city's residents through its programs. In addition to providing conventional public housing, the Boston Housing Authority also provides affordable housing through the administration of several rental assistance programs. These programs include the federal Section 8 Voucher Program, as well as the state funded Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program that is overseen by the Department of Housing and Community Development. The BHA's state and federal portfolio and rental assistance programs make it one of the top ten largest housing authorities in the nation. The mission of the Boston Housing Authority is: to provide stable, quality affordable housing for low and moderate income persons; to deliver these services with integrity and mutual accountability; and to create living environments which serve as catalysts for the transformation from dependency to economic self-sufficiency.



Bunker Hill Development is the largest housing development in New England. It has since 1941 been the stepping stone of many families' future. The CRA is committed to preserve affordability for all current, and future residents for decades to come. The Leggatt McCall/Corcoran Jennison team are in charge of redeveloping our community with the mission of "Preserve[ing] the same number of public housing units as part of a livable, equitable, and sustainable mixed-income community that is fully integrated into the Charlestown neighborhood". It is the CRA's responsibility to represent its community's interests of preserving their homes' affordability, improve quality of life, while keeping the community engaged and informed in the process. 

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